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In my video work with Project Jericho, I emphasize that the amazing art being produced is nothing compared to the young people who chose opportunity and positive self-expression over fear and habit. Your audience is more interested in what sets your organization apart than just a mission statement and a list of services.

True stories are more engaging than fiction when they feature transformation and unique character studies through thoughtful documentary filmmaking. I got the honor to experience real-life transformation working as a Project Manager, Executive Producer and Videographer for Project Jericho MY SONG, which gives at-risk youth access to self-expression through original songwriting and recording.

Today’s horror films are centered on gallons of gore and cheap scares, but Alfred Hitchcock understood that fear is more complicated. He didn’t even need color to create fear. This short film features an “American Proverb” – can you guess which one? It is also a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock’s elevation of the psychological thriller.

I’ve always loved collaboration – teamwork creating a sum bigger than the parts. On the promotional video for Grandma’s Gardens, I did the script, voiceover, editing and even starred with my family in this collaborative film with Carrs & Co.

My collaborative work with Carrs & Co has continued with multiple editing projects for athletic outerwear brand, Rare Active.

You can see additional video samples at the DawsonCreativity YouTube Channel.

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